Horses Trade Fair

Construction and dismantling schedule


  • Thu 4.4. at 8–22
  • Fri 5.4. at 8–22
  • Note! Ready-made stands’ decoration time is only on Friday 5.4. starting at 8 am.


  • Sun 7.4. at 17–22
  • Mon 8.4. at 8–16
  • Note! Ready-made stands must be empty until Sun 7.4. at 22.00.
    Exhibitors with own stand structures can continue dismantling on Mon 8.4. at 8–16.

Fair opening hours

  • Sat 6.4. at 9‒18 (main doors open at 8.30)
  • Sun 7.4. at 9.30‒17 (main doors open at 9)

Maintenance doors

Maintenance doors open in halls during construction-, dismantling- and maintenance hours:

  • A-hall: A2 and A8
  • C-hall: C17 and C21
  • E-hall: E3

Driving car to halls

Driving inside the hall is prohibited on the last day of construction, Friday, 5.4. In this case, you can drive the car to the loading/unloading area near the maintenance doors, where you can unload the goods and move the vehicle to the parking area immediately afterwards. Companies with own stand construction are allowed to drive cars to halls on Thursday, 4.5.

During the dismantling time, you may drive car into the halls only when the access supervisor at the door gives permission to do so.

Exhibitor office

The exhibitor office is located in the main enterance. Office opening hours will be published later.

The exhibitor office phone number is 0207 701 222. When the exhibition office is closed, the hall manager on duty can be reached at the number 050 351 6500. During the dismantling time the exhibition office is closed.

Please note that balloons are not allowed at The Horses Fair due to the risk of explosion.